My name is Tami Marek-Loper and I am the co-owner and President of Channel Resources, Inc. with offices just outside of Milwaukee in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I am also co-owner of a family of sales and marketing services companies located in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Austin, and St. Petersburg Russia.

I am passionate about leading a team of professionals who share my vision of delivering personalized sales content in any medium arriving anywhere in the world at the exact time it is needed. This passion helps my clients achieve growth faster than they thought possible and with less expense then anticipated.

I am a visionary thinker, pushing the envelope of what is possible in order to achieve greatness for both my company and my clients. Thinking outside of the box is where you will find the ideas that change the world. This is what I push my team to do each and everyday.

Sales Empowerment - especially helping companies with distributed sales teams - is where my 20+ years of printing, marketing and technology have culminated. Providing frontline sales people with the right content, at the right time and in the right medium to maximize outcomes. By using data and predictive modeling, we can recommend to sales the exact piece of content needed to move the sale forward.

In my heart, I am a data junkie! ...helping my clients use their data more effectively. Whether it be through our Partner Marketing Automation tool helping sales people drive more revenue; or, implementing data visualization so management teams make faster and better decisions; or, just using data to configure content to maximize customer engagement - I help my clients see that data is the most powerful tool they have.

And on a personal note, I think the dirtiest four letter word is CAN'T.

Specialties: Channel Sales Enablement Strategy, Channel Sales Enablement Technology, Content Delivery, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Rebates & Incentive Programs, Branded Merchandise, Commercial Printing, Variable Data Printing & Direct Marketing, Marketing Supply Chain Management, Fulfillment and Distribution Management, Freight & Postage Optimization Strategy, Marketing Workflow Automation